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Adelle is a good friend of ours. Her tattoos are pretty interesting and you can tell there’s meaningful connection between her designs and her spirituality. Today Adelle tells us the story about her Apsara tattoo.

Apsara Tattoo on Leg|Tattoo, Frances Arbie, Female Tattoo Artist, Female, Tattoo Artist, Manila, Philippines


“I came across Frances’ site when searching online “best female tattoo artist” with “best” being the operative word as she definitely is! Actually the first design I showed to Frances was Ganesh, but then again it’s not the right time (rather not the right body part). Anyhoo, I got the Apsara (celestial maiden) that represents Cambodian culture (though they also exist in other Asian countries) An Apsara is a symbol for beauty in the Cambodian culture, which you can appreciate in many of their artwork and architecture. Cambodia is one of my beloved countries in Southeast Asia. Why I want one get inked on my skin? Apsaras are the spirit of clouds and water, which for me connotes balance and stability, I love the idea of the beauty they keep and also the connection I had every time I see them with these incredible architecture and intricate designs engraved inside and outside the temples. Not that I want to quit my job and become an Apsara dancer in Cambodia but I just purely adore them. Indeed I love beautiful things; I even had a golden mean tattoo that explains the ratio of beauty!

Got 4 tattoos already from Frances and I couldn’t be any happier (that includes; the shortest short story from Augusto Monterroso, from Sigur Ros and a panda robot designed by my friend). Once I figure out what designs I want to add to my Apsaras I will prolly let Frances to hurt me again (kidding! It is actually not that painful trust me, or the drinks are on me!) Several artists have tattooed me and Frances is a gem to work with. Though I never had her “original” masterpiece/design yet but I can tell that her ideas are complex and versatile. Frances had an artist’s eye, very talented and very organic. I had an awesome experience and glad that Frances became my friend too.” – Adelle

Thanks for sharing us your story Adelle. You are indeed a beautiful person. Glad to be your friend too!


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