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We have done many religious tattoos in our shop and each design has a very spiritual connection with our clients. Today we feature April and her rosary tattoo. Let’s hear the story behind her ink.

Rosary Tattoo on Hand|Tattoo, Frances Arbie, Female Tattoo Artist, Female, Tattoo Artist, Manila, Philippines


“When I was young, I always wanted to have a tattoo when I grow up and one design I’ve been contemplating is a Rosary tattoo. It’s name came from a Latin word “Rosarium” meaning crown of roses. Deciding for years where to put the tattoo I finally decided to place it on my wrist. Maybe you’re wondering why a rosary tattoo? Well for me it says a lot. It’s an epitome of faith exchanging hands with today’s generation, it’s a personal experience of an idea of faith and inner being, it’s an important and traditional devotion to my family and the Roman Catholic church. I was raised with high regards to devotion and faith. My family would always attend to mass every Wednesdays for the novena and Saturdays for the anticipated mass for more solemn and peaceful ritual, but one thing I started to believe in when I started living alone is I practice freedom of religion without going to church. I decided to have a rosary tattoo also to remind me that family is the only resort I have in this world.

Frances Arbie – soon to be my surf instructor. I love her tattoo shop which is unlike others tattoo parlors that has no privacy. By the way, I have a chest piece which is still in progress, hopefully I could also do a write up about it. Ink on!

Just an FYI: Tattoos are against Jewish law according to the Torah (first 5 books of the Bible) but Christ didn’t mention tattoos during his ministry on earth. He just said two most important things that is to love the Lord with all your heart, mind and soul and Love your neighbor as yourself, so being disrespectful is out of the question.”  – April

Thank you April. Yes, we will surf soon! Excited about your chest piece!


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