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Chef JJ is a dear friend of ours who’s got a handful of tattoos done from the shop. Here’s what he has to say about arm and wrist tattoo.

Heritage Inspired Tattoo on Arm|Tattoo, Frances Arbie, Female Tattoo Artist, Female, Tattoo Artist, Manila, Philippines

My arm tattoo: Italian/Filipino symbols mash up

I had Frances design this tattoo for me to represent my mixed heritage (Filipino, Italian). Growing up I always felt different from the rest and hence made me somewhat hate my mixed race. I couldn’t fit in and my friends were quite limited but naturally as I grew older I began to respect and even become proud of my uniqueness. I am different and I am who I am! There is simply nothing to be ashamed of! With that in mind I wanted a constant reminder to myself of who I am and how else better than to get it inked. So I went to Frances and true enough the design she made for me was simply sublime! The rest is history!

Bible Verse Tattoo on Wrist|Tattoo, Frances Arbie, Female Tattoo Artist, Female, Tattoo Artist, Manila, Philippines

My wrist tattoo

This would have to be one of the simplest tattoos on my body yet its significance is great. I was facing a troubled period in my life and I became angry with God. I felt like he wasn’t there and as if he has abandoned me. I would shout at the crucifix I have in my room and question him “Why?! Why me?! What did I do so wrong to deserve all of this?!” I spent almost 30 minutes of intense shouting and crying.

Afterwards I finally calmed down and I sat down on my table and opened my laptop. I logged in to my facebook account and to my surprise the very first thing I saw on my wall was one of the like pages that I liked. This was a like page about Jesus Christ and it showed me a bible verse, the bible verse was Psalm 147:3 so I looked it up and as I read the verse I couldn’t help but cry again except this time it was tears of relief.

The verse read
“Psalm 147:3 – He heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds”
Right then and there I knew he was giving me the answers I was asking. I felt ashamed of what I have done and immediately asked for forgiveness. I then told myself that I would never forget this day and what he told me so I decided to get a tattoo of it on my wrist so that should I ever falter again all I would need to do is look at my wrist and remember that he is there and always will be.

Deep huh? Get your own arm and wrist tattoo now. Drop by the shop.



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