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Alibata Tattoo on Spine|Tattoo, Frances Arbie, Female Tattoo Artist, Female, Tattoo Artist, Manila, Philippines

Alibata Tattoo

“I have always wanted a back tattoo.  If I remember it right, 1st attempt was in 2004 in Dubai.  One of my staff volunteered since he knew how to do it kaso wala kaming makuhang ink to use.  Tweety bird pa yata gusto ko noon. I was still single then.  After that failed attempt, I did not get the chance anymore.

I settled down in 2006 and in 2009,  I delivered my son Ean Markus.  My desire to have a back tattoo re-lived.  Sabi ko, gusto ko ilagay yung names ng husband ko saka ng anak namin.  I could not convince my husband, sabi nya, 2 tattoos are more than enough (I have a barb wire ankle tatt and a dolphin sa lower back hips).  In 2012, I even asked my Japanese colleague to translate our names in Kanji characters.  Still, my husband stood by his prior decision.  I kept the translated names for a while until I gave up, sabi ko, ayaw nya talaga, hayaan ko na nga, so I threw it away.  I wanted lang sa back shoulder ko eh hindi naman daw ako mahilig mag backless na tops so, anong purpose?  tanong ng husband ko.

This year, 2014, weeks before our holiday sa Philippines, everytime I post pictures of our son or our family sa Instagram, I always hashtag, #myfamilymystrength.  We have our ups and downs, problems here and there,  however, as long as we are complete, as long as we are next to each other, we surpass every rough road, matibay kami.  Tapos, ayun, I thought it is beautiful to have a tattoo but it is going to be really gorgeous to have something meaningful.

Without my husband’s knowledge, I searched for a lady tattoo artist sa net.  Since conservative nga si husband, one thing that might convince him is for the artist to be a female.  So, I came across Frances Arbie’s website and FB page.  Good riddance pa coz her shop is in Greenhills of which I am very familiar with.  I checked her artwork and got impressed.  I told myself, “I am definitely going to her” and started to contact her via FB messenger.  The only 2 things left to do are, think of a design and make my husband agree.

I decided to have a spine tattoo kasi it’s very sexy.  Pero anong ilalagay ko?  Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese scripts?  I could not decide.  I finally approached my husband and told him, “I am going to Greenhills during our vacation and will get tattooed again, this is my body, I decide.”  He just looked at me and did not say anything.  Sabi ko, aba, anyare???  Since ok na sa kanya, I asked his opinion.  Sabi ko, I would like to write all our names tapos yung hashtag ko na “myfamilymystrength” but I don’t know kung anong klaseng script.  And to my surprise, he said, “why not use Alibata and instead put “pamilya ko lakas ko”.  That’s when I again contacted Frances Arbie and told her that I am booking an appointment to finally have my wishes inked on my skin!!!

Three days after we arrived in the Philippines, I went to Frances Arbie ’s shop.  It has been a while since my last tattoo session and I could not remember if it was painful.  It took her only 30 minutes (as previously informed) and the result is AMAZING (all caps!)  I went home happy, proud and sexy!  Thank you dear Frances Arbie , sa  uulitin!”

Mai and Her Family|Tattoo, Frances Arbie, Female Tattoo Artist, Female, Tattoo Artist, Manila, Philippines

Mai and Her Family


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