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Koi Fish Tattoo on Upper Arm|Tattoo, Frances Arbie, Female Tattoo Artist, Female, Tattoo Artist, Manila, Philippines

Koi Fish Tattoo


This is Carlo’s first big tattoo. He wants to get tattoos that signify luck. I suggested for him to get an oriental tattoo particularly the Koi fish tattoo because it means good fortune or luck. I used the colors orange and yellow because apart from them being the natural color of Koi fishes, orange and yellow also signifies fire. Also added some Japanese waves and cherry blossoms to the detail. That fish looks so alive!



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  1. Carlo says:

    Here’s a long overdue “something to say” to a tattoo artist whom out of curiosity already forged not just one but four (and still counting) neatly and tastefully done artwork!

    Hey there Frances,

    Koi was the first BIG tattoo that I ventured into but before that I had two red ones courtesy of none other than Frances…it was by accident that I discovered here little solitary space inside the mall in Greenhills… I was killing time with a friend, who was the one who wanted a tattoo; when we bumped into her shop but unluckily she was not around so we were given her card and was informed that if we really decide to have one, she (Frances) will be back a day or two… Weeks passed and I forgot about the card but the magic of that little ink shop lingers… So like a kid hearing the pied piper, I surrender to the music and went to see if the lady tattoo artist was there and should she be there…i WILL definitely have one… Maybe it was really fate… Frances was there and with a short talk… I asked her to draw me a smiling buddha with an inscription “lucky guy, then my name”. After seeing it, I went to my car to change and swiftly came back the tattoo artist’s chair… by the way she just gave me a word of caution: “it’s addicting!” At first I said no… but after the red face buddha I asked her for a design which says YOLO bearing the lady virgo… next I told her I would send email with pics … tons of it… ideas of what I want for the next BIG project…celtic, oriental, round, square, coloured, black, grey and everything in between… Moving forward, that’s how the KOI became part of me… in a span of a month or two, I collected three BUT I told you it was four…I give Frances the honour to unveil the fourth… after that the fifth, sixth and so on… hehehe Cheers to a great artist! Stay cool Frances… Haller to Franco as well!

    I remember Frances asking me, if I am experiencing pain from the needles? and I answered NO with a smile…reason for that is because I have HIGH pain tolerance and… as I said to her, the buzzing sound of the tattoo machine and needles piercing my skin is “music to my ear”… 😉

  2. Angelo says:

    Maam frances, Mag-kano yung ganyang design.?

    • tattoomanila says:

      Hi sir depends on the exact size po please visit the shop for a free stencil and quote, thanks


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