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Here is what our client Pau, has to say about her rib cage tattoo.

Sexy Rib Cage Tattoo|Tattoo, Frances Arbie, Female Tattoo Artist, Female, Tattoo Artist, Manila, Philippines

Ribcage Tattoo

“I had my first tattoo 2 years ago and from then I’ve been thinking of what I would get for my next tattoo but haven’t found one until recently. I’ve started going deeper into my yoga practice, more than the physical aspect. I spent more time reading and attending workshops and there was a lot of focus on love. In our world today, we don’t often express love in its different forms – love for our family, our friends, our religion, our partners, our work, even our passion. So I took on a mantra : “Do everything with love.” I chose love in Hebrew and have it placed on my ribs, near my heart in a vivid color of red to remind me of how much love can change our lives and how our love can bring change to other people’s lives. I had it also remind me to always take the opportunity to express and show my love to every one and every thing around me.”



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