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Fellow surfer Terence wanted this painting inspired wave tattoo. We scheduled him at our tattoo shop and there he came. As he sat down we talked a lot about surfing and the passion it brings to our lives. Here’s what Terence had to say about his tattoo:

Wave Tattoo on Bicep|Tattoo, Frances Arbie, Female Tattoo Artist, Female, Tattoo Artist, Manila, Philippines

Wave Tattoo


“I’ve been wanting to have a second tattoo since my first one was around 4 years ago already. I was already surfing then. I wanted something associated with surfing so obviously I chose a wave design. I started researching on different designs and eventually chose a wave painting. I also wanted to put it on one of the most painful parts of the body. I was also fortunate to be introduced to a tattoo artist who’s a fellow surfer as well. I always enjoy giving this answer when people ask about my tattoo – ‘Ang pinaka masarap ko na ginagawa, sa pinaka masakit na parte ng katawan ko pinalagay’. – Terence

Our pleasure Terence for getting you a tattoo we can identify with — waves! See you in the lineup soon buddy.



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